What an absolute cracker 2019 was for Need The Loo Toilet Hire!

The business is continuing to grow, with lots more toilets purchased but above all it still amazes me how well we are doing for such a young company. The tail end of December, business was slow as most of our clients were finishing off projects in preparation for Christmas so a few of our toilets came home for a well earned hot clean and refresh. Now January is here, business trade is picking up, with 7 toilets going out to clients in one day.

We have had a change around over the holiday break. Luke, my son has now come into the business and is taking on the role of Chief Loo Cleaner. For a young man he is doing very well and is very conscientious in his work. He is well aware of the reputation I have built up with my clients so doesn’t want to let the side down and hopefully in the future he will take over the business and I can retire! This in itself is great for me, as I can spend more time in the office generating more work and preparing quotations.

We already have a lot of weekend bookings starting in May for the event season, with more enquiries coming in most days. So it looks like 2020 will be twice as good as 2019!