Event Toilets

Need The Loo can provide you with good quality, clean portable toilets for your event.

Whether it is a family gathering, village event, sporting event or even a music festival, we will deliver to your location and set them up ready for use. 

Our toilets are fully self contained without the need for a water or electrical supply.

All our toilets come complete with toilet rolls and hand sanitiser units. Each toilet measures Height: 2310mm Width: 1118mm Depth: 1219mm

Our event toilets are kept in pristine condition and are only used for events. The toilets do not have a light inside, so some of our clients have used battery operated lights, which can be hung up inside the toilet.

Whatever your event is, we can help you with your toilet facilities.

Give Need The Loo Toilet Hire a call and support your local Toilet Hire business.

Fetes and Festivals

Village event, Music festivals, or any kind of event,  we can supply your event toilet hire. Contact us today 0800 233 5454

Country Shows

As Agricultural and Country Shows are becoming more popular with the public, you will need a good supply of quality portable toilets. We can offer good rates for your event toilet hire.

Sporting Events

Whether for competitors, marshals, volunteers or the general public, our toilets can be sited around your event site and hired for short or long term contracts. Call us today with your event loo hire requirements.

Large Family Gatherings

Family party in your home or garden, summer BBQ for friends and you need more toilet facilities.  Contact us for details of our short term/weekend rates for your party loo hire.


Are you running an equestrian competition or maybe you run a livery yard and require facilities for your livery owners, contact us for short and long term contract prices.

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Do you want to know how to calculate how many toilets you need for your event?

The following are the recommended minimum number of toilet facilities for an event that will last longer than 3 hours and where food and beverages are available.

ATTENDANCE                 TOILETS

1 – 50                                      1

51 – 100                                 2

101 – 200                              4

201 – 300                              6

301 – 400                              8

401 – 500                             10

501 – 600                             12

601 – 700                             14

701 – 800                             16

801 – 900                             18

901 – 1000                           20

More than 1000 One additional toilet for every 100 for a function lasting > than three hours, or, One additional toilet for every 200 for a function lasting < than 3 hours. A minimum of one disabled toilet facility should be provided.