What a complete crazy world we live in. Who could have predicted that we would have a world wide lockdown because of a deadly virus. I hope that you, your family and friends have remained safe and well during this period.

I did think at the start of lockdown that our business would be heavily affected because of the nature of the clients that we have, mainly small building firms and construction sites. Whilst a few of our clients did self isolate and suspend their toilet hire with us, other companies stayed working throughout. It came to our attention after 4 weeks when the phone was red hot with calls, that other toilet hire companies had completely shut down their operations, without any prior communication with their clients. Hence rather smelly and dirty toilets!!! Said clients were not happy and in one week alone we picked up 10 new clients and have continued to do so.

So whilst this dreaded virus has upset a lot of other business, it has actually helped ours. Because even though I could tell you till I was blue in the face that we are the best toilet company out there, until you actually hire one from me then you will not realise what a completely different company we are compared to the others. Our customers have been so impressed that they have been reviewing us on Google. It makes me feel really proud that all my hard work and commitment is slowly being recognised.

So why not jump on board with us for your portable toilet hire needs!!!