If someone told you in December that we would be fighting an unknown virus in 2020, which sadly has been killing people worldwide, would you have believed it? No? Me neither. It all still seems a little surreal to me, almost like we are living in a blockbuster film.

Lockdown for us at Need The Loo Toilet Hire was almost like any other day apart from much less traffic, out servicing, delivering and collecting toilets. I know some businesses have found times tough and I am sure there are more tough times to come but for us, it has been four months of really hard work. Need The Loo has doubled in size, with us picking up over 30 new clients from other toilet companies, who had shut down and were not servicing the toilets but amazingly still charging their clients for the privilege. We are an old fashioned business who treat their clients like we ourselves like to be treated.

As lockdown is being eased, folk are wanting to let their hair down after a good few months, so are booking toilets for socially distanced get togethers. Who can blame them!! Let’s hope a more normal life will return.

Keep safe out there and be respectful to one another……